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Water Damage Oklahoma City

Restoring Your Rugs from Water Damage:

Water damage restoration for Oriental rugs is best performed only by the experts. At Executive Rug Cleaning we hand wash and repair rugs that may have been in a home or business that has had the unfortunate water loss situation.

Any liquid that makes contact with rugs can harm your precious floor covering. It could be worse if the liquid carries bacteria or a bad odor.

Damages brought to the rug by water can cause serious rug or carpet problems that require a call for the Executive Rug Cleaning specialists who are experienced in this type of dilemma.

We understand the complexity of these types of rugs, and we also know that water damage restoration cannot be done by just anyone. For decades Executive Rug Cleaning has been cleaning rugs, using the most up to date procedures in our 6,000 Square foot cleaning plant located in Oklahoma. Not only do we invite you to personally drop off your rug and take a tour of our facility, but we also offer to pick up those large, heavy rugs from your home. You will discover how our qualified technicians can help explain the specific procedures for your individual rugs.

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With our special skills in restoring your rugs from water destruction, we assure you that you will have your rug back with its former elegance and beauty. It is not necessary to throw away your priceless Oriental rug. Just call executiverugcleaning.net to restore your rugs back to the pre-loss condition so you can display and use them again in your home.

Some people used to beat the rugs in order to remove any dirt and debris from them.

Water Damage Oklahoma City

Today’s technology now uses gentle air pressure to remove the dirt out of the knots and weaves before it is taken to start the restoration procedures.

Executiverugcleaning.net knows how to handle rugs with care and treat them like treasures. During the process of cleaning and restoration, we engage in careful measures to protect the rugs. Not only do we clean the rugs after water damage has occurred, but we also enhance the rugs in terms of their appearance and durability.

Significantly, our 7-step process only uses clean fresh water and special detergent to clean the rugs, eliminating the need to use any harsh chemicals. The rug is always checked for “bleeding” to make sure that the water damage restoration is done properly. Only executiverugcleaning.net can you find such gentle, yet effective methods. No matter what the defect your rug suffers from, we are here to help you find a solution. We are number one in this field, and we assure you that we are very committed in our work. We know our responsibilities, and we will give you satisfaction from our services in restoring your rugs back to their original condition.

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