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Oriental Rug Cleaning Oklahoma City

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Rug dusting Process Oklahoma City

Dusting Process

Dusting is an important part of cleaning area rugs. Rugs accumulate a tremendous quantity of dirt and dust...

Rug Washing Process Oklahoma City

Washing  Process

After dusting, all rugs are examined for colorfastness. In the event that the dyes in the carpet tend to be unstable...

Soft Water Rinse Process Oklahoma City

Soft Water Rinse Process

As soon as the rug is finished with the first two stages in our gentle hand washing process, we perform our ultimate...

Rug Drying  Process Oklahoma City

Drying  Process

Drying the rug is a crucial factor in our 5-step procedure. A constant flow of warm, dry air surrounds each delicate rug...

Rug Fringe Cleaning  Process Oklahoma City

Fringe Cleaning  Process

Fringe Cleaning is considered the final step in the Executive Rug Cleaning process. As soon as the drying procedure..

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