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Executive Rug Cleaning has been washing and repairing hand knotted rugs since 1994. Our unique approach for cleaning and repairing your hand knotted area rugs in Oklahoma is second to none. We always begin by inspecting the rug to determine its condition and if it is in need of repair, followed by determining the best possible cleaning process.

After the inspection is complete, the rug will receive a thorough dusting to remove all the abrasive soils. At Executive Rug Cleaning we use two types of dusting methods for dusting your rugs. One process uses a dusting machine that gently taps the back of the rug to loosen the soils. The second process uses compressed air through the back of the rug to the front where the soil is released.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Oklahoma City

Executive Rug Cleaning also uses two methods for washing your rugs. One is conditioning using a special designed solution and brushing system that is not harmful to the rug. The benefit of using this combination is what is needed to loosen the remaining soil in the rug so that it can be flushed away. The second process for washing your rugs is a simulated river-like washing system. This unusual method is one of the safest ways to wash your rugs. They basically swim in a specially-formulated solution which removes the soil and odors, similar to the way a washing machine washes clothes only gentler. The most important part of this method is that your rug is receiving a sanitizing bath as well.

After the washing process is finished, the rugs are soft-water rinsed on the wash floor using different squeegee tools then placed in our extraction system called the Centrifuge for the final rinse and spin. The specialists are able to watch this final step to make sure the rug is thoroughly rinsed before it is placed in our drying area.

The drying process at Executive Rug Cleaning is by far the most sophisticated. Your rugs are placed in our drying room on a pole. Warm, dry air circulates around the rugs removing the remaining moisture. The dry time with this method takes approximately 6-8 hours. When completely dry, your rugs will be soft and fluffy.

After drying, our final step in the rug cleaning process is the inspection and detailing of the rug and/or fringe. Once our experts are pleased with the results, we deliver the rug back to our valued customer or call for pick up. At Executiverugcleaning.net your rugs will always receive a cleaning experience.


Wool Rug Cleaning

There are some key factors that you have to consider for taking care of your beautiful wool rugs and their longevity.

Oriental Carpet Cleaning

For an exceptional oriental carpet cleaning service, we hand wash all rugs that you bring to our facility.

Rug deep Cleaning

It is a fact that rug deep cleaning is a tedious process. Oftentimes, you have to move some furniture in order to clean every part of it.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning is truly a difficult job which requires a lot of time and effort.

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  • Nichols Hills
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