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Rug Color Loss Process

Executive Rug Cleaning knows that many years of foot traffic can cause wear and tear to your precious floor pieces. This damage can cause your beautiful rug to lose its color or fade. Maybe you inherited your rug from a loved in your family who at one time enjoyed it in their home, which is the case with a majority of the rugs that are owned. You may have gone on vacation and purchased your rug in another country, found a rug that caught your eye in your local department store, auction, or even yard sale. Never the less, you fell in love with it and that is the reason you have it in your home.

Rug Color Loss Process Oklahoma City

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Proper care and regular cleaning are needed to prolong the life expectancy of your treasure. You will always be able to count on Executive Rug Cleaning for all the needs of your investment. Our technicians take every bit of precaution to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your precious piece. We never cut corners on any process to save us time or money. We realize what kind of value these rugs have to our customers.

Executive Rug Cleaning gives each and every rug the proper care, time, and attention that is required. Our 7 step rug washing process has been perfected and still can’t be beat! Age defines greatness and the owner of this rug, shown in the pictures above, wanted it to continue to look rich and vibrant. In these images you can see that this rug's fibers have been worn down to the warp yarns. On the second picture you'll notice how we improved the appearance of the rug's color loss by simply using a special method to dye the warp yarns back to the original color, making it look as bright and beautiful as it did the day you received it. The after image shows how we can make the customer's wish a reality without breaking the bank. We never outsource any rugs for color loss or repairs. It is all done in our rug cleaning and repair facility

Rug Color Loss Process Oklahoma City

If you are facing this same color loss problem with your rug, please look no further for a repair and restoration company. We have been in business for nearly 20 years. Because of our education and experiences, we can assure you that once you use one of our many services, you will automatically become a return customer. Feel free to read our testimonials or view our videos from customers just like you. We can do simple repairs or major restorations, what ever your rug requires.


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