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Professional Water Removal Service:

Floods and any natural disaster can be very devastating to any homeowner, especially if their Oriental or area rugs are fully damaged. Flood water can be tricky, and most homeowners are not aware of its destructive capabilities. If this happens to your home, specifically to your precious carpets and rugs, executiverugcleaning.net is here to assist any rug owner through the restoration process. Our company knows the entire burden that is being carried by homeowners necessitating immediate solutions with their rugs.

Water Removal Oklahoma City

That is why we offer immediate professional removal of water to your Oriental and area rugs to prevent any further damages. Aside from natural disasters, executiverugcleaning.net also knows the probability of having broken pipes and water leakage inside your home. We can take care of any type of water removal from your rugs.

At Executive Rug Cleaning we understand that leaks happen, and when it comes to area rugs, water removal needs to be dealt with immediately. Our highly trained and professional technicians will always treat your oriental rugs with the utmost care they deserve. All water removal on your rugs will be done by hand, using the most up to date hand washing process within our 6,000 square foot cleaning facility.

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Water Removal Oklahoma City

Water, especially chlorinated water, may have an adverse effect on the type of dyes used on your rug’s weave. By removing the water as soon as possible, it will prevent permanent damage from occurring. We offer pickup and delivery service with a complete consultation on the treatment needed for water removal for your specific needs. Our cleaning plant is located in Oklahoma, and we welcome all to come visit our highly trained specialists on site.

Before the cleaning process begins, water removal needs to be done. If necessary, dye blockers are used to prevent color migration

After the cleaning methods are finished, we expose the rugs to fresh, circulating air while they are hanging on the drying rack. We take every measure to ensure your rug is cleaned and sanitized after the water removal. We understand that you want to preserve the weaving and knotting of these rugs so that your children or grandchildren will enjoy them for decades to come.

Executive Rug Cleaning has been standing firm in this business for more than two decades now, and clients have been given an assurance of top notch service. If a leak or flood happens and water removal is needed, don’t hesitate to call us at 580-234-4777 or 1-866-708-4777.

Pet Stain Removal Oklahoma City

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Oriental Rugs have always been considered art in your home and are very much desired. The Persian and other oriental carpets are sometimes pricey and can be quite fragile.

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