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Persian Carpet Cleaning Oklahoma City

Persian Carpet Washing

Persian carpet washing is a systematic way to clean your rugs. Getting your oriental rugs cleaned is one of the best methods to ensure that your Persian carpet is protected and its longevity maintained. With constant use, it is expected that soil, dirt, dust, and sand accumulate in your Persian carpets. Coupled with moisture, these things can damage the fibers and spoil your precious possession. Having your Persian carpet washed regularly by an educated Persian carpet washing service is a great start to preserving your investment.

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If you are a busy person and it seems that you do not have the appropriate time to attend to your rug cleaning needs, you should look for a professional rug cleaning company that has a record of expertise to all sorts of oriental carpet and rug cleaning services. Executive Rug Cleaning has two decades worth of experience in the rug cleaning industry, and you will be sure to get the highest quality of service. We are composed of professionals and experts only. To ensure that we are meeting our promised service quality, we only hire candidates who are skilled, knowledgeable, and are driven to work hard. As a result, all the cleaning procedures from the moment we assess what your Persian carpet really needs, up to the time we deliver and install it to its original area, you are assured that professionalism is observed at all times.

Although regular vacuum cleaning is recommended and good for your rug, it cannot replace the professional Persian carpet washing service. This process utilizes a special hand-washing method, giving your rug the ultimate cleaning it deserves. You must employ the best rug cleaning company so that your precious rug is not damaged during the course of cleaning.

Commendable 5-Step Cleaning Process is your one-stop source for rug carpet cleaning. We are aware that your Persian carpets need to be handled delicately, but at the same time get a thorough cleaning. As a matter of fact, the technicians will not use any harsh chemical products to clean your beautiful Persian carpets.

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We will only use our unique and famous 5s-step cleaning process in order to protect the rug characteristics, such as fabric quality, color richness, as well as its firm base.

Dusting. To ensure that our washing process will reach its peak efficiency, dusting will be done as the first step.

Washing. This step will be done by professional washers to ensure that the quality will never be affected.

Soft Water Rinse. This is actually unique to the company to make certain that there's no detergent residue left in your Persian rugs.

Drying Process. The rugs will be hung to obtain faster and more efficient drying.

Fringe Cleaning. As a finishing touch, we will treat and comb out the fringe.

Rest assured that will conduct essential measures to bring back the rug to its “newly bought” state. We have the Persian carpet washing service that you can count on.

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