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In your search for an experienced oriental rug cleaning service, we hand wash all rugs that you bring to our facility. Oriental Rugs as well as all fine area rugs are our delight and passion! These wonderful rugs coming from all over the Middle East are works of painstaking weaving by hand; hence these are woven by people where the rugs came from such as in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, even in some parts of Europe. No matter where they are made, the weavers take pride in their craftsmanship, as our company takes pride in cleaning these wonderful rugs to preserve them for generations to come.

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Since these pieces are considered precious and expensive, ordinary cleaning is certainly not enough. By checking on executiverugcleaning.net, you can see for yourself why we serve our customers with quality and care.

As far as Oriental rug cleaning is concerned, it is no doubt that the task requires a lot of time and effort. This is especially true for large-sized rugs. In spite the fact that you already have put all the effort in cleaning the rug, still it is not an assurance that the rug is one hundred percent clean and sanitized. It is therefore best to let an experienced professionals do the job. Executive Rug Cleaning sees to it that every customer is treated with utmost importance. You will surely find a reason to let our company handle all your carpets that need cleaning.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Oklahoma City

As seen at executiverugcleaning.net, our 6000 square feet cleaning facility will properly hand wash your rugs as shown here in our website. The company’s industrial size facility is an assurance that we can cater to a number of rugs whether they be basic rug types or specially-designed ones. Quality cleaning is what Executive Rug Cleaning can offer to you as our loyal customers. Thus, you get your money’s worth.

Moreover, our company is willing to pick up and deliver the rugs that are too big or heavy for you to bring. What’s more, we have an experienced technician who will inspect and suggest the right cleaning process for your precious rug.

Aside from Oriental Rug Cleaning, we also use the same process for other quality rugs.

If you are too busy to bring your carpet to our store, then all you need to do is to call us and our staff is ready to do the pickup. You can also look at our website executiverugcleaning.net for further information on the services that we offer. So if you reside in Oklahoma City, Woodward, Ponca City, and Stillwater. or even as far as Tulsa and Wichita Kansas., our company can pick up your rug. If you have time, why not visit our location and drop off your precious piece.

Always remember that at some point, your carpets or rugs need cleaning, due to germs, allergens and bacteria, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Hence, consider this as one way to prevent your family from acquiring skin allergies and respiratory diseases. Trust the experienced professionals and enjoy the benefits of Oriental rug cleaning. Nothing is more rewarding than to have a freshly cleaned rug that could even match those brand new ones. Visit executiverugcleaning.net and browse all the services that you can avail.

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